Charlotte’s Web is a collection of my publications and programs about suicide and its prevention that are not found elsewhere on the internet. These works were created, evaluated and implemented way back in ancient times — the ’60’s, 70’s and 80’s mostly — back before cell phones, Facebook, and even much of the Worldwide Web.

Because this collection is buried in old books, journals and libraries, this website is being created as a simple way for me to respond to requests for information about a program or a copy of a publication.

This is definitely not the newest information in the field but it’s fascinating to see how many old ideas become new again.  For example, the new “psychological first aid” programs designed to teach lay people how to respond effectively to suicidal friends are amazingly similar to our old programs that taught crisis line volunteers how to respond to callers, taught students how to be most helpful to their troubled friends, and taught school personnel how to address issues of depression or suicidal intent in their students.

Charlotte Ross